The 3DW-Z1 connecting element is used to connect two base plates together. Compared to the 3DZ-Z2 connecting element, the 3DZ-Z1 connecting element creates a distance of 40.00 mm between the base plates. This is important, for example, if the side connections of the Raspberry Pi need to be accessible, as is the case with the Raspberry Pi Rackmount. See the following example image:

The connecting element 3DW-Z1 includes the connecting element 3DZ-Z6 to additionally reinforce the base plates.

The 3DW-Z1 connector is available in different variants.

Keystone variant

In the Keystone variant, two Keystones can be clipped in.

Pushbutton, SD card expansion, LED Variant

This variant was mainly based on the idea to move the Micro SD card slot of the Raspberry PI to the front via an extension cable. There are currently the following variants:

  • 2x SD card expansion + 2xpushbutton + 2x LED (for 2x Raspi’s)
  • 2x SD card extension + 2x pushbutton + 2x LED (for 2x Raspi’s) – Variant N

Technical dimensions, purchased parts, etc.

Micro SD extension cable

The slot for the extension cable has the following dimensions: 25.2mm wide, 7.6mm high.
The cable length should be 25cm. (14cm is definitely too short).

The extension cable is threaded through from the front and clamped in the slot.


7mm pushbuttons are screwed into the corresponding hole from behind (without washer and nut).


3mm LED’s are inserted from behind into the corresponding hole and glued in (e.g. hot glue).

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