Free configuration (individual part order)

At drei-d-w, there are a variety of predefined configurations that can be ordered as ready-to-build units. Nevertheless, many other different combinations of rackmount configurations are conceivable, but not all of them can be offered as ready-to-build configurations.

On this page you will learn how to create your own configuration. The possibilities are therefore limitless.

First step: Decision – rackmount width

For which rackmount width should the desired configuration be created?

Step 1: Decide if you need a rackmount configuration for 10″ or 19″.

Based on your decision, the following measurement is the starting point

  • 10″ configuration: 237.20 mm
  • 19″ configuration: 465.00 mm

Second step: Selecting the individual parts

Which parts should be included in your desired configuration?

Step 2: Choose which base plates, connectors, and side panels to include in your rackmount configuration.

Important in this step is the following: Each base plate and connector (with one exception) has a certain width. The sum of the base plates, connecting elements and side panels must add up to either 237.20 mm (for 10″) or 465.00 mm (for 19″). Two examples are given below.

Base plates: -1U Base plates-
Connecting elements: -1U Connecting elements-
Side panels: -1U Side panels-

Example configuration 10″ rackmount

The following configuration will be used as an example: Raspberry Pi & Cloud Key Gen2 are to be accommodated in a 10″ rack on a 1U configuration.

10″ Rackmount237,20mm
RasperryPi base plate (80.00mm width)237.20 – 80.00mm157,20mm
Cloud Key Gen2 base plate (66.00mm width)157.20 – 66.00mm91,20mm
3DW-Z1 connecting element (40.00mm width)91.20 – 40.00mm51,20mm

The remaining width of 51.20mm is now divided between two side panels. 51.20mm / 2 = 25.60mm. It follows that a pair of side panels in the SM1U-25.60 configuration is required.

Example configuration 19″ rackmount

The following configuration is used for an example calculation:

19″ rackmount465,00mm
tp-link ER605 base plate (186.40mm width)465.00 – 278.60mm278,60mm
tp-link OC200 (130.00mm width)278.60 – 130.00mm148,60mm
3DW-Z2 connecting element (00.00mm width)148.60 – 00.00mm148,60mm

The remaining width of 148.60mm is now divided between two side panels. 148.60mm / 2 = 74.30mm. This means that a pair of side panels in the SM1U-74.20 or SM1U-74.40 configuration is required.

Note side panels

the graduation of the side parts is only available in 0.2 mm increments. However, it makes no difference at all whether the side sections are 2 tenths too short or too long.

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