Mounting the universal mount

Material required

  • 4x M3x10 screw
  • 5x M3x6 screw
  • 9x M3 Nut

Fitting the side slide

Insert 2x M3 nuts into the holders
Connect each holder to the variable slide using an M3x10mm screw (longer screw).

Fitting the rear mounting slide

Use an M3x6mm bolt (shorter bolt) and an M3 nut to mount the pre-assembled side slide on the rear mounting slide

Fitting the front brackets

Use an M3x10mm bolt (longer bolt) and an M3 nut to mount the small holder on the carriage.

Mount the carriage with an M3x6mm bolt (smaller bolt) and an M3 nut.

Attaching the rear carriage

Slide the rear carriage into the guideway and secure with an M3x6mm screw (smaller screw) and an M3 nut

Installing the device

Adjust the stop forwards using the front movable slides. Use the small holders to secure the device at the top.

First fix the appliance to the rear using the rear slide. Then use the side sliders to fix the appliance to the left and right. Finally, use the longer levers to fix the appliance at the top.
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