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19″ Builder variants

With the 19″ Rackmount-Builder the following rackmount combinations are possible.
In the Rackmound Builder please follow the order of assembly (from left to right).

If your desired configuration is not listed here, please contact me.
If you find a problem with the Rackmount-Builder, please contact me.


USG & Cloud Key


USG & PSU & Cloud Key

USG & PSU & Cloud Key & Raspberry Pi

USG & PSU & 1x Raspberry Pi

USG & PSU & 2x Raspberry Pi

USG & Raspberry Pi

USG & 2x Raspberry Pi

USG & Cloud Key Gen2+

USG & Cloud Key Gen2+ & RJ45 extension

USG & Cloud Key & Switch 8

USG & Switch 8

Cloud Key Gen2+

Cloud Key Gen2+ & RJ45 extension

Cloud Key Gen2+ & Raspberry Pi

Cloud Key Gen2+ & 2x Raspberry Pi

Cloud Key Gen2+ & 2x Raspberry Pi & RJ45

Cloud Key Gen2+ & RJ45 & 2x Raspberry Pi


Switch8 Doublemount

Switch8 & Cloud Key Gen2+ & RJ45

Switch8 & Cloud Key (Gen 1)


1x - 3x Raspberry Pi

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