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Raspberry Pi – Rackmounts

From now on I also offer rackmounts for the Raspberry Pi’s 3&4.

he Raspberry Pi board is fixed to the rackmount with 4x M2.5×16 screws and 4x M2.5 nuts. The Raspberry Pi rests on 6mm high spacers so that there is enough air to the bottom of the rackmount. The side connections are still easily accessible.

Difference between Rackmount Raspberry Pi 3 & 4

Die Rackmounts untercheiden sich nur durch den Ausschnitt in der Frontblende, da beim Raspberry Pi 4 im Vergleich zum Raspberry Pi 3 der RJ45 Port und die USB Ports spiegelverkehrt sind.

The rackmounts differ only by the cutout in the front panel, because the Raspberry Pi 4 has the RJ45 port and the USB ports mirrored in comparison to the Raspberry Pi 3.

Possible combinations

  • 10″ Rasbperry Pi Rackmount
  • 19″ Raspberry Pi Rackmount with 1 to 3 Raspis in a row
  • 19″ Raspberry Pi Rackmount in combination with USG or Switch8

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