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UniFi UCG Ultra Wall Mount

The frame for the UniFi UCG Ultra makes it possible to mount the device on a wall. The frame is attached to the wall and the device is inserted. The device can be used with the display facing upwards or with the connection side facing upwards. The delivery takes place without the illustrated devices. The illustration of the devices is for illustration purposes only.

X-Sense SBS50 base plate

Base plate for X-Sense SBS50 Width of the base plate: 126.20mm The X-Sense SBS50 is mounted on a carriage. The entire slide can be inserted into and removed from the base plate so that the device can be accessed quickly even when installed.  

1.5U adapter for 1U base plates

With this adapter, 1U base plates can be integrated into a 1.5U rack configuration. Please note that the width of the 1U base plate must be selected when ordering. The total width of the adapter is calculated from the ordered configuration + 20mm additional width. Example: If the 1U base plate has a width of 94.00mm, then the 94.00 configuration must be ordered. The adapter plate therefore has a total width of 94.00mm + 20.00mm = 114.00mm

Odroid H3 base plate (1.5U)

Base plate for Odroid H3 Base plate width: 143.70mm Height of the base plate: 1.5U  

Side panel adapter 1.5U 50mm

A pair of side panel extensions with 50mm width

tp-link ER707-M2 base plate

Base plate for tp-link ER707-M2 Width of the base plate: 237.00 mm In addition to the base plate, the 3DW-Z20-1 side panel adapters are also required. This results in a total width of 249.00 mm  


Side panel adapter 1U for baseplates without side panel holder

Why drei-d-w

At drei-d-w, there are a variety of predefined configurations that can be ordered as ready-to-build units. Nevertheless, many other different combinations of rackmount configurations are conceivable, but not all of them can be offered as ready-to-build configurations.

On this page you will learn how to create your own configuration. Thus, the possibilities are limitless.

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Why drei-d-w

I am a big fan of the Ubiquiti Unifi products. Professional network equipment for the home user at affordable prices. However, when it came to setting up our home network I encountered a problem. Of course I wanted everything in order. For this I had the idea to install an 10″ network rack. Unfortunately there were no suitable rack-mount accessories for the Unifi products anywhere, so I decided to take care of it myself. To all those who face the same problem as I do, I offer my solutions for sale here.

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